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yta series of bolt rig

yta series of bolt rig

I. Overview

YTA series of anchor drilling machine is a kind of rock and soil anchor engineering machinery. It introduces German Hut technology, and has the leading position in product structure form, hydraulic working principle, power head combination style and construction technology. With high speed, strong power, flexible operation and so on. In strengthening the section strength, improve the support effect, improve the construction efficiency and so has a very prominent superiority. Widely used in roadbed, high-rise buildings and deep foundation pit support, geological disasters, landslides and dangerous rock anchorage, tunnel wall reinforcement works hole and other projects. By changing the combination of power head and the installation of hydraulic hammer or air hammer and other accessories can be applied to the clay layer, rock layer, sand layer and other strata, the general depth of the anchor within 50 meters, the maximum drilling depth of up to 200 Meter.

Second, use

1, to prevent the displacement of the building high slope protection;

2, high-slope railway and highway support;

3, the city deep foundation pit and foundation reinforcement works hole;

4, geological disasters in the landslide and dangerous rock anchorage works;

5, highway, railway tunnel blasting hole;

6, mining blasting hole;

7, hydropower dam blasting hole and drainage hole construction;

8, the tunnel hole wall support.

yta series of bolt rig
yta series of bolt rig

Third, the characteristics

1. High speed: power head fast-forward speed of 1m / s;

2. Powerful: strong driving force walking body, in situ turn and climbing ability, flexible movement in the case of complex terrain;

3. Flexible operation: All the movements can be completed by the console control handle, both flexible and lightweight, but also through the multi-angle adjustment mechanism to meet the requirements of high-precision hole.

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